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We take the guess work out of your hands with your digital marketing so that you can focus on running your business and we focus on getting your business seen.

What is Digital Martketing? It is the process of getting your business more visible via several digital channels so that you can be found by your audience online.




Your products are awesome. Your conversions need to be better. What now?

Now you hire Canvashtml. With our digital marketing service we focus on getting your business in front of more people who fit your target audience.

Here's what we focus on to get results like these. 

Social Media Content Creation

We focus on making sure that your business is found by your people via your content. There are people out there right now searching for what you do but you simply aren't visible enough. It is our job to get your business seen on social media platforms so that you are a part of the conversation.


Advertising can seem like a large daunting task but with our help we make the process of placing ads and getting people to know you exist easier. We focus on Facebook and Instagram Ads. Google Ads coming soon.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To us, the metric that matters is sales. We've got an entire toolkit of optimization tricks ready to apply to your business. We make sure that your business is visible so that the people looking for what you have find you. Our focus is getting you ranked on Google, which is the number one search engine.

Strategic Consulting You've got big plans. We can help you map out a strategy to make them real. Book a consulting session or set up a monthly plan for the support you need.


Check out our packages below to see which one fits your business needs.

digital marketing

Marketing Novice

With this package you are just getting started with your digital marketing and want to take it slower so you have room for growth and figuring out where you want your business to go. 

Marketing Included: 1 Social Media Platform + SEO $1500/mth

Marketing Pro

With this package you have a clear vision of the type of marketing you'd like for your business and you know what your business goals are and are ready to dive in.

Marketing Included: 1 Social Media Platform + SEO + 1 Ads Platform $2500/mth + Ads Budget

digital marketing
digital marketing

Marketing Expert

With this package you are fully prepared. You know exactly what is needed and what you want to have your business reach the next level. You're fully dedicated to your marketing goals and you know the time and effort it takes to grow your business.  

Marketing Included: 2 Social Media Platforms + SEO + 2 Ads Platforms $5000 + Ads Budget


Looking to have any one of these services a la cart? We do offer that. Book a call to discuss.

All social media content creation comes with 10-15 pieces of content per month. The type of content created will be decided upon based on what is best suited for your business. Every client gets 1 strategic call per month.

*Social Media Content Creation does NOT include social media management (posting, commenting, copywriting, etc.)


Do you offer one-time prices?

No, with digital marketing you have to be committed to the work being done mid-long term. One month of content or ads or SEO will not give you the results or ROI that you need to boost your traffic and conversions.

How long are the monthly terms?

We recommend at least 6 months of services to really see the difference that having digital marketing can make in your business. However, we do offer 3 month service contracts for those who are looking for shorter commitments.

How do I sign up?

This is a premium service that we only offer to select clients because it takes a lot of time and work to make sure your business is seeing results. We do not overload with clients because that doesn't give us the proper time to dedicate to you. Because of this, in order to get our digital marketing service you must first book a consultation to discuss your business with us.

Do I get to select the platforms that I want you to focus on?

Yes, on our call we will discuss what your goals are and where you would like your presence to be seen the most. You will tell us which platforms you would like us to focus on.