Virtual Support Specialist

Take the guess work out of who will make those updates for you.

There's no need to have the updates that you want to make on your website or funnel sitting around not getting completed...

Canvashtml Digital Design Agency provides the virtual support that your business requires

How we support you ...

Below is a list of example service requests in areas that we support you and your business in

Edit, add, remove graphics, images, video

Add new pages to website

Add/Remove products to e-commerce sites

Install/Remove plugins (WP)

Update/edit copy

Install/Remove apps (Shopify)

Add/update emails to sequences, Create email campaigns

Basic troubleshooting (code editing not included)

Add/remove any promotional or news announcements that are date and time specific

Basic Integration and automation (MUST have at least 10 hour pack)

Social Media Graphic Creation (MUST have at least 10 hour pack)

Basic Landing Page Design (ONLY available for monthly clients. MUST have at least 15 hour pack)

Plans for all levels

Quarterly Pricing Shown Below.

Hours shown reflect the amount of support hours you get each month.

Lite (5 hrs)


Quarterly agreement, billed monthly

Pace (10 hrs)


Quarterly agreement, billed monthly

Full (15 hrs)


Quarterly agreement, billed monthly

Advanced (20 hrs)


Quarterly agreement, billed monthly


*Packages do not include fixes to server, added security features or any issues concerning your hosting provider as we do not have access to your hosting provider's server, database or security patches.

+ WordPress Customers Only: We will take care of any update alerts that are in your WP Dashboard. Included in all plans.

++All time is tracked using our timekeeping system. You will be sent updates so you will know how many hours you have left after a request has been submitted. Requests are submitted via our support form.

++ Quarterly plans are billed monthly on auto-draft.

++ Emergency service requests will be charged at an additional fee.

Need your entire sales funnel or website built before adding virtual support? Visit to see your options


We've got A's for your Q's

Who is support for?

Support is best for those who have their systems in place and need help with keeping it up to date. So, if you have a website or funnel already built and you need virtual support to make sure your tech is always current this is for you. If you need to have your website or funnel setup we offer those services as well. We can build it and then maintain it. Visit

How do I know which to choose?

You can select based on the amount of updates your business generally requires. Some services requested will automatically need more service hours for this you can look at the service and if it has a specified hour amount next to it. We require certain hour packs for certain services because we know how much time needs to be set aside for specific requests. Our goal is to help you to get your requested service completed without going over your hours.

Are unused hours rolled over?

Yes, unused hours are rolled over into the next month. If they aren't used in that next month then the hours count resets.

What if I run out of hours?

If you run out of hours for the month you may purchase more hours by selecting the month to month option. We will send you your hours statement after each service request so that you are always aware of how many hours you have remaining.

Can I cancel?

We offer month-to-month options and once paid you can not cancel. For the quarterly agreement option after month 1 you may cancel but there will be a cancellation fee equal to a quarter of your remaining balance.  Any requests for cancellation must come in written form at least 10 days before your next payment is due.

Can I change plans in the middle of the quarterly agreement?

You will only have the ability to change plans if you need to upgrade to a higher plan based on new service requests or going over the allotted hours. You may not downgrade plans in the middle of the contract. If you are unsure of which plan will best suit you it's best that you select the month-to-month payment option.  

When can I get started?

Right away! You can start by selecting a plan above and then choosing between our quarterly or month-to-month payment options.  

Can I pay in full for the quarterly plan?

Yes, if you would like to pay in full just visit our Contact Page to fill out the form. Input "Maintenance Request" and you'll be sent an invoice.

I know I will need ongoing support, can I get on an annual plan?

Yes, if you would like to pay in full just visit our Contact Page to fill out the form. Input "Annual Maintenance Request" and you'll be sent an invoice.  

Does my location matter?

No, your location doesn't matter as long as we can access your platforms.